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Mike Corrado


Writing from the heart, incorporating life experiences and story telling are extremely critical elements in order to take an audience on a journey and that is exactly what Mike Corrado accomplishes as a singer/songwriter.  He incorporates what he knows into his own blend of music that some in the music industry have referred to as New Country, Pop, Rock and Americana. When asked directly what style of music Mike composes and performs Mike simply calls it “American Music.”
In addition to some of his fun, feel good tunes, Mike has crafted songs like the inspirational “Still in the Fight” which addresses the challenges of recovery faced by many wounded warriors and their resilience throughout the recovery process.  In “Stand” Mike pays tribute to service men and women past present and future as well as the families that stand behind them. “On My Watch Tonight” Mike tells the story of a Marine’s journey from Boot Camp to the front lines, which became an anthem for service men and women around the world. Mike's songs have now been viewed and listened to over 1 million times from official live videos, fan memorials and tributes.  These songs and others have received national attention and have been featured on major television networks such as Great American Country, CMT & CMT Pure, The Nashville Network, Armed Forces Network, ACM All Star Salute to the Troops & more.


Service is something Mike knows a lot about. Mike is not only a talented singer/songwriter but also an active duty Marine. He understands service, sacrifice and crafting songs that go beyond a listeners auditory senses and reaches a depth within ones soul. Some of Mike Corrado’s biggest songs are poignant and thoughtful stories filled with emotions service members and their families currently face while the country has been at war for over a decade. After leaving active duty with the Marines, Mike set aside his rifle for a guitar and HUMVEE for a 15 passenger van and set out for four years of life on the road performing 200-250 shows a year both as a headliner and in support of numerous national acts. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Mike was mobilized back to active duty and deployed to Fallujah, Iraq from 2005 to 2006. Upon returning from the year-long deployment, Mike continues to expertly manage both a growing music career and an active duty military leadership role. 



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